About Just Ordinary

The Just Ordinary project…

Is a series of narratives that seeks to serve a greater good to assist children in true living in a community in areas of great need such as confidence and self-esteem and achieving goals and realizing dreams.

The books are for children 8-12 year olds, primary schools, counselling services as well as parents at home.

Project History and Development

Until recently the project has been a sole mission that evolved over 13 years and inspired by realising God’s purpose to explain how His Law of being of The fruits of Spirit and how to travel a good life as best we can, abiding in what Christ wants for us all and as unique individuals all with our own contributions to serve each other as way to also serving Him first and foremost with all things that come good from that. The ‘Just Ordinary’ project first began around 2005 and continues to evolve as we move away from false identities and is a reflection of a storybook new to the people of a ‘high informational story’ that required extensive research using various methods and sources in search for True guidance that is wise, good and true. Much prayer, listening to The Holy Spirit and looking within was the guide by which directed the author on quest for what is true and what is easy for children to innerstand and in no way seeks to replace the books of the disciples inspired by God and those books we as people await of the ancient history and those that promise of our eternal future with Him and His peoples, creatures and Land to which we were born.   

The book combines therapies for realising our true selves not limited to transformational, epigenetics and used programs in mental health that centre on truth, character and being and receiving a true friend. The book is inspired by God’s true Law and has been written in a way to the author’s best ability to omit those false words imposed upon our people given we are born as living breathing men and women with freedoms to pursue and reach those dreams of those that align with God’s will for us, as a God who delights in His children’s own creativity with The Spirit of Christ within each of His children.    

Research Material 

The research material was sourced and designed into a new work/body of knowledge presented in a method of delivery by way of a story and from applying various programs where some information/knowledge has either been explicitly applied, much with reference to God’s Lore and includes wisdom where copyright was found not to apply e.g. Prayer of serenity as it was not known as to the owner/writer.

The series of the Adventures of Toby and Tammy is a combined colourful storybook and insightful self-help tool for 8-12 years old to experience living skills through a fictional story, where a brother and sister learn to embrace joys and disappointment with the confidence of a Spirit of creative adventure as depicted in an ‘ordinary’ daily life in a small Australian neighbourly community. It is aimed to portray ‘ordinary’ living, though far from normal, embracing one’s own unique place, purpose and connection in life, in a world where children discover they always have a choice to decide over how they can live a happy life by learning enabling skills to achieve harmony and balance within and with other people.