About Toby & Tammy

About Toby

Toby has at times more sensibilities than his younger sister and loves the natural things in life, like spending time outdoors playing soccer with his mates, especially Tony. Toby spends time in a sandpit bulldozing, which might seem out for his age, though he uses it to both relax and to think of ideas for his computer design games. On the computer, Toby loves to design eco-friendly towns and is a believer in realistic dreams of one day planning or digging to do his thing. Toby does at times get bewildered by his, at times too, high Spirited super imaginative sister, however despite mostly great patience, he learns to control the anger he sometimes feels. This is not only to help him get along with his sister Tammy but learn to be as powerful over his emotions as possible, with his own might as well as the helping hand of his trusted friends, family and God.

About Tammy

Tammy is curious about life and living to the fullest, even at night when it’s time to sleep, with often an imagination beyond what seems real. However, Tammy has an amazing ability to use her imagination to good use, most of the time. At times her thinking too far ahead and her imagination gets her near into trouble such as with sleep at night as there is so much fun to have in life. However, Tammy often finds it hard to set rules for living including when it comes to choosing friends with an inner desire to be friends with everybody. However, life is not always like that and she must choose carefully and know how to handle bullies like Benny. Aside from that, she has two great friends besides her friend in Christ and the Holy Spirit, she has Catherine and Macy who all love to design clothes using drawings inspired by nature and graphics.