Tammy & The Spirit of Friendship


In The True Fruits of a Friend, the author, by using
comparative quotes, ideas, and Christian ethics, guides
you through this learning process and explains the
ideals of being a friend to people. For example, by teaching
how to be a strong, caring person, being able to choose
good friends, and how to react to people in the
different stages in growing stronger with friends. By using these learned
skills of being positive, optimistic, grateful, and how to
deal with bullies and nasty people, one may be able to
find their kindred Spirit.
neriah has done an excellent job with this storybook.
She helps us understand confusing emotional
situations. She teaches how to use feelings and
reasoning to react and respond correctly.
Consequently, you can be a kind person and friend by
following a GROW-Christian, step-by-step process using
the guides of The True fruits of a friend.

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