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Author: Neriah lives in a leafy small but vibrant community on the northern coastline of the Illawarra on Whardi Whardi Land of the greater Dharawal Nation, acknowledging the First Nations peoples whom she embraces under The L.O.R.E aligned with The Written Law.

With a creative spirit that she recognises within people, she so loves to encourage children to reach their full creative potential through her writing, drawing on her connection to her soul within as by The L.O.R.E in creation stories of a true heart and soul as well as aspects that remain true of elements of  The Written Law and how she integrates these into meaningful real-life programs for adults adapted to suit children in a way that they will easily innerstand and identify through real-life everyday stories of today’s times. It comes without the fire and brimstone in teaching which underlies the gentle nature of who were created be by a loving God who sees us with all gifts within and delights in us when we work out within who we really are than a spoon-fed approach, and so provides tools for self-help that enables one to water their own seeds of insights that can come with a God within each of our DNA’s. Neriah is also the author of ‘How do I Choose a Friend – The True fruits of a friend’ as part of the ‘Just Ordinary Series’ with the vision that every child has a diamond inside as a miracle of The Holy Spirit. The book’s aim is to inspire children to not just learn life skills but also focus on their dreams, goals and true path. Neriah holds a Post Graduate Certificate in editing and publishing and has lived a life working in various roles in various industries, from yachting to the health industry, with a strong faith in God to help us along the way to creating our own true destinies.

Contributors: Include ‘Grow’, a community and program aimed at sound mental health and maturity, as well as other various programs aimed at reaching full potential through cognitive skills, values, character, friendship and help from above to whom my thanks go to. Also, thanks to Angel Key Publications and my editor, who contributed to the development of the book. Thanks to Renee as a personal coach and friends Aton, Glen and Shane, who made the stories appear truer to life. Neriah also recommends parents and teachers read Kenneth E. Bartle’s book ‘Law from Within – Principles of Natural Law’ in a world that is evolving with the veil of truth being lifted on who we truly are away from corporatisation of spirituality for true existence and true living to the maxim in self-discovery in a world that is more contextual than we have been led to believe. Contextual in our deep connections as sovereign beings connected to the Land and our creatures and each other, all dependent on us as higher beings for survival. 


Neriah aims to ignite the seed of innerstanding for each other that begins with truly knowing ourselves and our emotions and what makes us feel how we feel and respond to each other in a way that promotes love for ourselves, then so truly be able to love another. She draws on the ancients like Aristotle’s ‘To know Thyself’ as a bridge to the soul, each other, and nature itself. Neriah’s church is in the soul in body with mother earth, and a living God found in everyday life than brick and mortar modern traditions and sees through the lens of Jesus’s one commandment, ‘to love each other’ which can be difficult in a man-made world we have constructed with its complexities. Rather than man-made pills, she sees nature as true therapy in trauma recovery in a world that has become broken. Yet, others choose to turn from the lowest ebb of the tide and evolve to transform stronger than before in the most positive way of a path of inner peace and contentment for the mechanism of recovery and seeing recovery of humanity starts with the star seeds our children who are our future and free thinkers of today that are required for the solutions we need for a tomorrow to exist. And so real modern-day stories apply where then bible text comes alive and applicable to everyday living that children can easily make sense of. Other recommendations are Gabor Mate in trauma recovery and the importance of creativity in children.  

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